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Hi, I'm Yainis.

With over 10 years of experience in marketing ​strategy, I pride myself in being a data-driven ​performance marketer who has worked for some of ​the largest global companies with proven success ​in executing multi-million dollar campaigns. After ​working with me, you will walk away with a clear ​roadmap and actionable steps to implement your ​marketing strategy effectively. You will have a ​deeper understanding of your target audience, a ​refined brand message, and the confidence to ​execute your marketing initiatives with precision ​and purpose.

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Meta Blueprint

Thank you so much, Yainis, for reviewing the ​Blueprint Practice Exam items and mapping ​them to the relevant courses. Your work as a ​subject matter expert to make sure practice ​test and exam items are aligned with content ​updates and product changes is critical in the ​exam development and maintenance process. ​Your work contributed to the development of ​fair, valid, and reliable practice tests and ​exams for the Digital Marketing Associate ​track. The Blueprint team is very thankful for ​your time and contribution!

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Designing in Color

I can’t thank you enough for this morning’s ​clarity call and for sharing your notes. I think ​our team got more helpful information in our ​30 minute conversation today than we have ​in the past 6 months of our marketing search. ​You provided amazing feedback and opened ​our eyes to the importance of sponsorship ​and how we should focus our campaigns. ​Thank you so much for your time and using ​your expertise to help Designing in Color.

Adora Salon

Thank you Yainis! From creating our website ​to crafting our social media and event ​strategies, Yainis is the marketing genius ​behind our salon's digital presence in Tampa ​Bay! Her creativity and experience have ​brought our brand to life online, and we've ​seen a boost in engagement and new clients ​ever since. Yainis, you're not just a ​consultant; you're a marketing magician! ​Thanks for making Adora Salon shine!

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